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Affectionate and intelligent, along with adoring people Pit Bulls make great family members. They enjoy spending time with their owners and are among the most devoted of canines. Many dogs coexist peacefully with other dogs their entire lives, never fighting. Others, on the other hand, prefer specific dogs while others dislike all dogs. Pit Bull type dogs are tenacious typical terriers. Pit Bulls need responsible owners who understand the breed.

We established Pit Bull Hill as a safe, dependable, and trusted source to purchase break sticks. As a rescue family we support spay and neuter efforts to help end homelessness and euthanasia of these magnificent dogs, responsible rescue and placement along with advocating a positive image.

Our sticks are made in the United States from materials sourced in the United States.

Why should responsible owners and caregivers consider using a

break stick?

Things to

Any Dog Any Breed

Can become involved in an unintentional fight. A break stick is an essential piece of equipment if you own a Pit Bull, are a dog trainer, or a rescuer. It is the most efficient, effective, and humane method of opening a stubborn dog’s jaw.

Pit Bulls do not have a locking jaw

They do have terrier determination

Do not attempt to use break sticks on other breeds

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Other Breeds

Other dog breeds snap, bite, and release erratically and blindly. A break-stick is useless if the dog is biting and releasing, but it can help if the dog has a grip and refuses to let go. Pit Bulls have been bred for hundreds of years to be bite and hold dogs. Beginning with bull-baiting, hog hunting, and dogfighting. They were bred to ignore pain and submission signals from other dogs, despite being acutely aware of them. One of the reasons why some dogs become aggressive toward other dogs is because of this. (It is important to remember that dog aggression and human aggression are two completely different behavioral traits.)

Dog Fights

Dog fights are terrifying experiences that can occur unintentionally. Even the best-behaved, friendliest, and most docile dog can get into a fight. Fights, regardless of breed, are possible in any multi-dog household. Fortunately, most dog fights last only a few minutes. A responsible owner should take precautions to avoid such fights, but he or she should also be prepared for the worst case scenario. The goal of any owner should be to end a fight as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


For whatever reason some people and organizations continue to ignore the history of Pit Bulls thinking that fights won’t happen. And, many times, it does not, but it only takes one time for it to be a disaster, and the inability to stop or break up fights is an even bigger disaster. When they have a “hold,” it can be difficult to get them to let go of another dog. The purpose of a break stick, as the name implies, is to break this tenacious terrier grip. This is the safest, simplest, and most effective way to end a fight.

The Bottom Line

One of the quickest and safest ways to break up a fight with Pit Bull breeds is with a break stick. Keep your cool, straddle your dog, grab the collar with one hand. Insert the break stick behind the molars and twist the break stick like a motorcycle handle. They will adjust their bite onto the stick,as a result of the leverage. Enabling you to pull them away and regain control. This is much easier with two people, but if necessary, one person can do it by tying one of the dogs to a stable object.


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