Our home on

The Hill

It’s our hill and we love it…

We live with our dogs, cats, and chickens on a handful of acres that is a slight hill with rustic old barns on the property, which dates back to the 1870s.

My Pit Bull adventures began in 1999, when my son brought home the last of a litter of mixed breed puppies; I had never heard of Pit Bull Terriers before. Johnny Blaze started me on the path that would lead to my love and understanding of Pit Bulls. We’ve had a few more dogs since then, all of which have been rescues.

My second Pit Bull mix sparked my interest in dog training after an incident in a negative training class, which led me to look for positive only training, where we learned so much more. During these years, I met many other Pit Bull owners, which led to 20+ years of volunteer work for organizations, which I also do today.

There were very few Pit Bull rescue organizations or informational websites for them when I first started volunteering on their behalf in the early 2000s. The organization for which I volunteered was pretty revolutionary at the time. When break sticks were no longer available through the rescue organization in 2012, we decided to start making them ourselves as a reliable source that wasn’t a breeding facility or a ring of underworld dogfighters.

My most recent accomplishment has been to come together with a great group of people to create an organization to further advocate for Pit Bulls and their people. Please visit Pit Bull Synergy.

Larry and dogs in yard

Dogs are really good for you!

Dogs are more than just cuddly companions; studies continue to show that pets provide significant health benefits to their owners. Dogs unconditionally love and are our most devoted companions.

Having a dog around can reduce stress levels in both adults and children. They’ve been linked to lower blood pressure and have been shown to reduce the risk of asthma in children.

Researchers have also discovered that dog owners are more active than non-dog owners, logging more steps per day on walks or just regular playtime.

Adopt a dog, it’s good for you!


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