Dog Fights

Avoiding dog fights means being vigilant in prevention and being prepared, if need be,

to be able to quickly and efficient break up a dog fight.

  • Socialize your dog; socialization is important for young dogs with people, other dogs, and other animals. You have a small window of time during their first year to help them be fearless and comfortable with everything they will encounter throughout their lives.

  • Physical, mental, and oral exercise are all essential. "A tired Pit Bull is a happy Pit Bull," and the same is true for other dog breeds. Exercise is essential for a dog's well-being; it also relieves stress and can help to eliminate bad behaviors. You can exercise a dog without exercising yourself by teaching "fetch" with a ball, Frisbee, or flyer. Biking with your dog is another way to get a good workout, and it also provides good socialization because they will see a lot of the world as they pass by. Swimming is another great exercise that is easy on the owner if your dog enjoys water.

  • Mental exercise, walking, training, and playing games are all ways to exercise the mind.. Don't undervalue the importance of a good walk or jog with your dog. Taking your dog out at least once a day will help keep them physically fit and give them opportunities to explore the world; it's similar to reading a newspaper or visiting a Facebook page for them. Follow different routes and visit new places whenever possible to expose your dog to new smells and sights.

Let them SNIFF

Decompression walks are known by many names, sniff, scent, free walks, but they are all the same. , they allow your dog to use their noses and be a dog. This is not only entertaining for dogs, but it can also be a great way for dogs to burn off stress and decompress after stressful events.

avoiding dog fights

In addition to getting physical exercise from walking, your dog will expend a lot of mental energy when they get to sniff. A slow walk with lots of sniffing provides more mental stimulation to a dog than a fast walk. A sniffy walk exhausts a dog due to all of the analyzing that takes place when taking in all of the scents. As a result, your dog will be more relaxed and tired. A relaxed / tired dog is less likely to be destructive or to engage in problem behaviors.

"The best way I know to tire out a dog out in a healthy way is not to get it physical exercise, but to give it mental exercise. Tricks are one way to do that, but letting a dog use its nose-brain connection is another."

Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB Emeritus
  • Feed dogs in different areas, rooms, or crates; never free feed or leave food unattended.
  • Do not throw treats to dogs. Instead, have each dog individually obey a command, such as sit, and then reward him or her with a treat.
  • Toys that excite dogs are best enjoyed alone.
  • Make sure the dogs wear a strong collar that can be used as a handle if necessary.
  • Supervision keep your Pit Bull supervised they should never be left alone with other dogs, even if they have been living amiably for years with another dog. When there is no one to supervise the dogs, gates and crates help keep them safe from fighting.
  • Allow no tug-of-war or aggressive wrestling. These games can quickly escalate into a fight, so know when enough is enough and when it's just play or something more serious. Remember that all play is really practice. Pit Bulls make a lot of noise when they play, which is usually just vocalization, but not always.

Photo of a White Dog Playing with a Ball

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