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A break stick is a device that is inserted into a pit bull’s mouth (behind the molars) to help the dog release its grip on another dog. is a solid wedge-shaped tool that is used to provide leverage to open a “bite and hold” dog’s jaw. It is a useful tool for “breaking” the bite and protecting both the dogs and those attempting to break up a fight. They are a useful tool for Pit Bull owners, rescue organizations, shelters, and dog trainers. As well as those who have bully breeds and are in situations where unknown dogs interact.

Break Stick

pit bull break stick

Of Myths and legends

Keep in mind that pit bulls do not have a special jaw that allows them to “lock” it, nor do they have higher-than-average “bite pressure.” They simply possess the tenacity of a terrier. Pit bulls are not all aggressive toward other dogs. Dog Tolerance Information. However, because the breed has the tendency to dog aggression, break sticks are useful tools to have in a multi-dog household, training facilities and shelters. 

Owner Responsibility

Any owner’s goal should be to break up a fight as quickly and efficiently as possible. The majority of breeds will snap erratically during a fight, repeatedly biting and releasing. Pit bulls, as terriers, typically bite and hold. Contrary to common legend, this is not a form of special pit bull behavior; it is purely and simply terrier behavior. A break stick, as the name suggests, is meant to break this tenacious terrier hold. This is the most reliable, simple, and successful method of ending a fight.


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