Pit Bull Hill

The Hill

The Hill

Our home is on a long hill, we call it many things, but our house on the hill is an old farm property originating to the 1870's, once originally with many acres, previous owners had broken down the land and sold it off, we purchased a couple of acres with a few old barns on it and we live there with our adopted dogs, cats, and chickens.

Who are we?

We are a Pit Bull family. That advocates for Pit Bulls, rescue, spay neuter and proper care and humane positive training. My son brought home a Pit Bull mix puppy in 1999. That led me on a learning journey that has not yet ended. Up until then I had no idea Pit Bulls existed. It led me to seek information on Pit Bulls, finding email groups of Pit Bull knowledgeable people and trying to learn as much as I could. In these email groups I also learned of the horrors Pit Bulls endured and the atrocities they were put through.

Back then, rescue groups were far and few between. I dived right in and in 2001 became a volunteer for an organization because I knew I had to do something, anything to help. I have met tons of Pit Bull people through the years, some have gone and new ones have come, but the connection basis is always Pit Bull dogs. I stayed with that organization for 20 years. Leaving because of a discord among volunteers. I have also helped some smaller rescue organizations along the way. Back then, there were not nearly as many Pit Bull rescue organizations that you find today nor were Pit Bulls filling shelters as they are today.

During these years I also spent time being a positive dog training assistant, which helped me learn much about dog training and to be able to help others with their own dogs. I currently hold a position with a new nonprofit organization, where the team, through the years have previously volunteered together and have chosen to come together once again to create Pit Bull Synergy where we will continue our efforts to help Pit Bull type dogs.

My husband has been amazingly supportive of my obsession with Pit Bulls and my incessant work for the organizations I helped. In 2012 at my request he started making the break sticks. So that there would be a trusted source to acquire break sticks from for those who needed them. And, they would not be purchased supporting breeding kennels, or other.